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Sensory Wise Online Toy Shop for Early Years and Special Needs SEN Toys Table Top Resources ClassroomSensory toys for table top play encourages learning and helps develop coordination and fine motor skills, both essential skills for handwriting and daily living. Browse the Sensory Wise range of table top play for portable resources that are perfect for home or in the classroom.

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  • Scentos Scented Dough Tubs

    From: £ 1.00

    Tubs of Scentos fruit scented modelling dough. Scents include Green apple Strawberry Watermelon Blueberry Orange Banana Available individually or as a…

  • Rainbow Slinky

    £ 1.00

    Plastic coloured slinky springs

  • Light Up Flashing Sticks

    £ 1.00

    Light up sticks that flash. Variable speed. 15cm.

    Out of stock
  • Bendy Smiley Man

    £ 1.25

    Bendy fidget toy. 12cm smiley man.

  • Spider Ball

    £ 1.50

    The Spider Ball has super soft, stretchy tentacles perfect for squeezing. OUT OF STOCK! Looking for an alternative? See our…

    Out of stock
  • Foam Earth Ball

    £ 2.00

    Foam Earth Ball. Bouncy ball printed with the Earth's surface and made from lightweight, squashy foam.

  • Puffer Squeezy Ball

    £ 2.00

    Tactile neon puffer ball. 12.5cm Available in: Pink Green Purple Yellow

  • Furry Fun Bug

    £ 2.00

    Fun squishy bug covered with short, rubbery 'hairs'. Perfect for tactile input and an ideal fidget toy. Available in: Blue…

  • Colour Magnetic Wands

    From: £ 2.00

    Colour Magnetic Wands - Magnetic wands in bright colours ideal for primary education. Ideal for use with our Magnetic Counting…

  • Scentos Scented Rainbow Pen

    £ 3.00 From: £ 2.40

    Scented ball point pen with ten retractable tips, each one with a different coloured and scented ink.

  • Animal Torches

    £ 5.00 From: £ 2.50

    Fun and practical torch that uses energy saving dynamo action. No batteries! Animals to choose from: Cow Duck Penguin Tiger

    Out of stock
  • Sensory Wise Colour Change Stress Ball

    £ 2.50

    Colour changing "mood" stress balls. React to the warmth of your hand. Green changes to yellow and Purple changes to…

  • Liquid Timers Single

    £ 4.00 £ 2.80

    Liquid Timer in a single chamber design. Liquid timers are a classic sensory toy and classroom resource known for their calming…

    Out of stock
  • Flashing Squishy Caterpillar

    £ 3.00

    Flashing Squashy Caterpillar puffer toy with light-up body sections.

  • Tentacle Ball

    £ 3.00

    Ball full of stretchy, squishy tentacles tipped with fluffy, rubber-like hair. Fun and great tactile fidget toy.

    Out of stock
  • Play Doh 4 Pack

    £ 4.00 £ 3.00

    Play-Doh 4 Pack. An assortment of 4 different coloured tubs of Doh, featuring classic, neon, pastels and consumer choice winning colours.

  • Large Sheet Magnifier

    £ 3.00

    Easy to use magnifier. Low cost and easy to store. Up to 3x magnification. Size: 220mm x 140mm

    Out of stock
  • Liquid Timers Spiral

    £ 4.50 £ 3.15

    Liquid Timer in a Spiral round chamber design. Liquid timers are a classic sensory toy and classroom resource known for their…

    Out of stock
  • Scentos Scented Funny Face Markers 8 Pack

    £ 4.00 £ 3.20

    Pack of eight Scentos markers in a variety of flavoured scents.

  • Liquid Timers Double

    £ 5.00 £ 3.50

    Liquid Timer in a double chamber design with heart shapes at the top. Liquid timers are a classic sensory toy…

    Out of stock
  • Skwooshi 2pk

    £ 7.00 £ 3.50

    Skwooshi two pack of play dough is perfect for tactile play. With the added bonus, it never dries out!

    Out of stock
  • Flower Sorting Tray

    From: £ 3.50

    Brightly coloured flower shaped tray. Available in 6 different colours. Buy separately or as a set of 6 with one…

  • Glitter Lamp Colour Change Shake and Shine Small

    £ 5.00 £ 3.50

    Glitter Lamp Colour Change Shake and Shine Small Mini version of the Shake & Shine Sensory glitter lamp. Flled with…

  • Glitter Tube

    £ 6.00 £ 3.60

    Clear acrylic tube filled with a colourful assortment of shapes, beads and glitter that cascade down an inner spiral when…

    Out of stock