Soft Textures & Plush Toys

Sensory Wise Online Toy Shop for Early Years and Special Needs SEN Toys Soft Textures and Plush ToysSensory toys with soft textures plush toys and teddies are perfect for extra comfort. Soft tactile textures are calming and soothing and help us feel safe and relaxed.

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  • Fluff Balls Set Of 6

    £ 4.00

    Set of 6 Fluff Balls. Brightly coloured, soft, durable and brilliantly tactile. Size 65mm diameter

  • Inkoos Mini

    £ 10.00 £ 5.00

    Inkoos Mini soft toy with marker pens. Teddies you can draw on. Great for fine motor skill practice and cuddles…

  • Blushing Bear

    £ 16.00 £ 11.20

    Super soft teddy bear with light-up cheeks and tummy.

  • PosturePad Wedge Seat Cushion

    From: £ 25.00 From: £ 18.00

    An innovative multi-function wedge designed and developed by a chartered physiotherapist. Improves upright posture and comfort when sitting on the…

  • Activity Ball Collection Black and White

    £ 46.00 £ 35.00

    Set of 4 Black and White Activity Balls velvety soft, each ball is different. Find out which one squeaks or…

  • Black & White Soft Baby Toys and Basket Set

    £ 48.00 £ 35.00

    Black and White Soft Baby Toys and Basket Set A basket of soft, sensory black and white resources developmentally aligned…

  • Baby Black and White Soft Cubes 6pk

    £ 58.00 £ 45.00

    Baby Black and White Soft Cubes. Let babies and toddlers experiment and explore with these beautifully made soft cubes. Pack…

  • Posting Pockets Animals

    £ 72.00 £ 52.00

    Soft, tactile and practical posting pockets with animal character design. Contrasting Black and White design, visually engaging and great for…

  • Baby Play Garden

    £ 85.00 £ 68.00

    Garden themed fold out area with enclosed sides and a soft play mat. Can be used indoors or out. Packs…

  • Baby Black and White Pod

    £ 102.00 £ 82.00

    The Baby Black and White Pod is a snuggly space, designed to engage and capture young children's interest. The bold…

  • Shade and Shelter Pod

    £ 84.00

    Pack away Shade and Shelter Pod. Canopy made from protective UV material and the floor has a tactile soft texture.…

  • Pack Away Play Mat

    £ 108.00 £ 85.00

    The pack away play mat is a delightful place for babies and toddlers to rest and play. A lovely multi-textured…