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  • Expression Face Mirror

    £ 2.40

    Safe plastic mirror, cut out to resemble a child’s head shape that they can use to see themselves or to…

  • Infinity Sensory Mirror 15cm

    £ 15.00

    This portable Infinity Mirror creates the infinity illusion of a tunnel of lights.   15cm dia.

  • Handheld Softie Foam Mirror

    £ 22.00

    Hand held mirror with easy handles and large mirror surface (240 x 138mm). Use for observation of reflection, self observation,…

  • POLYDRON Giant Polydron Mirrors Set

    £ 30.00

    Set of mirrors for the Giant Polydron. This 6 piece set contains 2 flat mirrors, 1 concave barrel mirror, 1…

  • Mirror Tray Shapes Set of 4

    £ 54.00 £ 38.00

    Set of 4 wooden nesting mirror shapes. Great for exploring expression, sorting, collecting or display. Contains: Triangle Square Rectangle Hexagon

  • Sensory Reflective Mirror Ball Set of 4

    £ 40.00

    Reflective mirror balls provide a stretched version of the world around us with a fish-eye lens view. They can be…

  • Easy Hold Discovery Set

    £ 44.00

    Set of 6 Easy Hold Discovery panels. Set includes: Transparent Acrylic Red, Blue, Yellow Magnifying lens (with 3x magnification) Two…

  • Metallic Elephant Parade Number and Counting Set 1-10

    £ 60.00 £ 45.00

    Metallic Elephant Parade Number and Counting Set 1-10 - A beautiful jewel like collection of elephants can be used in…

  • Metallic Magic Sparkle Cottages Small World Fairy Houses 3pk

    £ 60.00 £ 45.00

    Metallic Magic Sparkle Cottages Small World Fairy Houses Pack of 3. Create an enchanted garden with these shiny, appealing mini…

  • Mystery Sensory Balls

    £ 48.00

    A set of 6 stainless steel balls that all look similar but behave differently providing a feast of sensory fun.…

  • Acrylic Mirror – 9 Convex 780mm

    £ 102.00

    Acrylic mirror with 9 convex bubble domes. They can be sited inside or outside and come with sticky pads and…

  • Acrylic Mirror – Convex 780mm

    £ 102.00

    Acrylic mirror with one convex bubble dome shape. Provides a distorted, fun and interesting view of the world for children…

  • Acrylic Mirror Set of 4

    £ 205.00

    Acrylic Mirrors Set of 4 Made from scratch resistant acrylic these mirror panels are both safe and ideal for any…