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Light Up Toys, Colour Change Toys and Flashing Toys from Sensory Wise are great fun for all ages. Engaging and calming light up toys are a great addition to any sensory toy box. Flashing toys are visually appealing and the flashing effect is perfect for visual tracking, encourages movement and can help us to understand cause and effect.

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  • Glow In The Dark Set

    £ 2.00 £ 1.00

    Glow In The Dark Set Glow In The Dark Sets each containing glow in the dark pieces and stick pads…

  • Light Up Flashing Sticks

    £ 1.00

    Light up sticks that flash. Variable speed. 15cm.

    Out of stock
  • Finger Lights

    £ 2.00

    Light up finger torches. Available in packs of 4.

    Out of stock
  • Flashing Spikey Mini Football

    £ 2.00

    Football design light up spikey ball. Size 6cm

    Out of stock
  • Animal Torches

    £ 5.00 From: £ 2.50

    Fun and practical torch that uses energy saving dynamo action. No batteries! Animals to choose from: Cow Duck Penguin Tiger

    Out of stock
  • Flashing Squishy Caterpillar

    £ 3.00

    Flashing Squashy Caterpillar puffer toy with light-up body sections.

  • Light Up Spectra Strobe Ball

    £ 3.00

    Tactile rubbery ball made of brightly coloured translucent sections. When bounced it flashes bright lights which are activated within the…

  • Glitter Lamp Colour Change Shake and Shine Small

    £ 5.00 £ 3.50

    Glitter Lamp Colour Change Shake and Shine Small Mini version of the Shake & Shine Sensory glitter lamp. Flled with…

  • Light Up Tambourine

    £ 7.50 £ 4.00

    Light up tambourine instrument. Make dark den play music play!

  • Colour Changing Egg 9cm

    £ 6.00 £ 4.00

    Free standing rubbery white egg that morphs through the colours of the rainbow. Has a calming soothing effect. Size 9cm

  • Light Up Projector Globe

    £ 4.00

    Light Up Projector Globes are hand held and portable flashing projector wands. Great for encouraging movement and spatial awareness whilst…

    Out of stock
  • Starlight Projector

    £ 7.00 £ 4.90

    Small projector unit that projects a starry sky across the ceiling. A compact and portable unit for that extra sensory…

    Out of stock
  • Mini Massager

    £ 7.00

    Vibrating mini massager with three light-up massaging feet. Calming and de-stressing effects.  

  • Disco Light Bulb

    From: £ 7.00

    Full colour rotating disco light bulb. Available in both bayonet and screw fitting, chose an automatic bulb or sound activated.

  • Rainbow in my Room

    £ 11.00 £ 7.70

    Cloud shaped projector that creates a colourful rainbow effect on any nearby surface. It has a sleep timer feature too,…

  • Infinity Mirror

    £ 15.00 £ 10.00

    This portable Infinity Mirror creates the infinity illusion of a tunnel of lights. 6" dia.

  • Sensory Flashing Irregular Shaped Balls Set of 4

    £ 15.00 £ 10.00

    High quality Irregular Shaped Flashing Balls that light up when bounced. Set of 4 Size 8cm

  • Sensory Mini Light Up Domes

    £ 10.00

    Set of colour changing mini light up domes.

    Out of stock
  • Blushing Bear

    £ 16.00 £ 11.20

    Super soft teddy bear with light-up cheeks and tummy.

  • Light Up Bunting

    £ 15.00

    Three metre string of colourful bunting flags that illuminates at the press of a button. Requires 3 x AA batteries.

    Out of stock
  • Glitter Lamp Colour Change 13inch

    £ 18.75

    Sensory glitter lamp filled with glitter that floats and sinks with a mesmerising colour changing light. The glitter creates a…

  • Disco Ball and Speakers, SD/USB Slot, Bluetooth

    £ 40.00

    Visual light display, wireless music streaming, lights dance to your music streamed by Bluetooth or through the SD/USB Slot.

    Out of stock
  • Sensory Play Bundle One

    £ 85.00 £ 70.00

    Sensory Play Bundle One The Sensory Wise Sensory Play Bundle One contains: 1 x Handheld Softie Foam Mirror 1 x…