Sensory Wise Category Image Sensory Collection Balance VestibularSensory toys for improving balance (vestibular) and body awareness (proprioception). Benefits include developing spatial awareness, balance, coordination and leading to increased confidence and attention for learning and development. Activities like swinging, rocking and bouncing are all great ways to give your body vestibular input. This helps our brains to process sensory information better meaning we are less anxious and able to cope with our own movements and those of others around us.

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  • Bean Bags Single & Multi Sets

    From: £ 1.25

    Coloured bean bags in Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. Essential PE and sports equipment.

  • Coloured Gym Rope 2m (Pack of 4)

    £ 4.00

    8mm diameter. Nylon. Supplied in pack of 4 team colours. 2m long.

  • Junior Space Hopper

    £ 8.00

    Junior Space Hopper. Giant rubber Space Hopper with antennae handles for children to sit astride and bounce on.

  • Hand Print Floor Marker 6 Pairs Bright Colours

    £ 14.00 £ 11.20

    Hand Print Floor Marker 6 Pairs. Set of six pairs, in six colours. Made from anti skid soft plastic. Size:…

  • Balance Cushion

    £ 15.00

    Balance Cushion. Moulded cushion gives excellent grip. Sit, stand or kneel - will improve co-ordination, balance and posture. Diameter 32cm…

  • Balance Pad

    £ 15.00

    Balance Pad. An inflatable red balance pad which can be used for both standing and seated exercise, and is particularly…

  • Gymnic Therapy Ball

    From: £ 15.00

    Gymnic Therapy Ball. This classic line can be used for all applications in therapy, sports, gymnastics. aerobic lessons, etc. Also…

  • Net Target

    £ 17.00

    Perfect for use with Balls, Beanbags or Flyers, the Net Target features an adjustable angle net to change the degree…

  • PosturePad Wedge Seat Cushion

    From: £ 25.00 From: £ 18.00

    An innovative multi-function wedge designed and developed by a chartered physiotherapist. Improves upright posture and comfort when sitting on the…

  • Gymnic Sit N Gym Therapy Ball with Feet

    From: £ 18.00

    The Gymnic Sit N Gym Ball with Feet is made to promote circulation for greater attention and alertness. Works for…

  • Flexible Soft Foam Cone 18cm Set of 6 Bright Colours

    £ 18.00

    Soft, moulded foam cones. 18cm (7”) high. Set of 6; 1 each of blue, green, orange, purple, red and yellow.

  • Parachute

    From: £ 20.00

    Parachute play is an ideal group activity for all ages. Promotes movement and group cooperation. 6 sizes available from 1.75m…

  • Disc O Sit Balance Cushion

    £ 25.00

    Disc O Sit Balance Cushion. For strength and stability exercises which can also develop balancing skills Creates a stable yet…

  • Movin Sit Junior Balance Cushion Wedge

    £ 26.00

    Movin Sit Junior Balance Cushion Wedge. The alternative to the sitting ball for anyone who doesn't want to be without…

  • Giant Outdoor Textured Painters Set of 4

    £ 44.00 £ 33.00

    Swirl, stamp, scrape and twirl to create patterns, texture and mark making on a grand scale using our fantastic giant…

  • Gymnic Therapy Peanut Physio Roll Ball

    From: £ 34.00

    Gymnic Therapy Peanut Physio Roll Ball. Vinyl double balls making a contoured roll ideal for physiotherapy The therapist can sit…

  • Wheelie Painter Set of 4

    £ 70.00 £ 35.00

    A set of one-wheeled creative toys with a sturdy handle bar to push through paint or puddles. Each one has…

  • Silishapes Sensory Circles Pack of 10

    £ 48.00

    10 textured discs (5 pairs large and small), made from soft flexible silicone. Each pair of discs has matching colours and…

  • Parachute Fluorescent 6m

    £ 60.00

    6m diameter 16 handles. Light multi coloured nylon material. Reinforced grips sewn at intervals around perimeter. Bright colours, pink, fluorescent…

  • Spinning Top Cone 80cm Red

    £ 65.00

    Spinning Top Cone 80cm Red. The Top is suitable for 1 or 2 children to sit inside and roll around,…

  • Baby Play Garden

    £ 85.00

    Garden themed fold out area with enclosed sides and a soft play mat. Can be used indoors or out. Packs…

  • Whizzy Dizzy Spinning Seat

    £ 102.00

    Whizzy Dizzy Spinning Seat. One out most popular sensory toys for movement and development. Great sit on and spin toy.…

  • Step A Forest Balance Course Set

    £ 205.00

    Step A Forest Balance Course Set. Tree themed balance bases made from non slip durable plastic. Set contains: 6 Step-a-Leaves…