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Sensory Toys that smell, you can taste or chew are great fun. They can also be practical for children with special needs who excessively smell, taste or chew things! This type of sensory input is beneficial to everyone, not just those with a special need (SEN)

Smell = Our olfactory system

Where? OUR NOSE What for? Providing information about different types of smells. Emotional memory, motivation and for storing long term memory (This is why certain smells can evoke memories). Closely related to our sense of taste. Pleasant smells can be calming and enjoyable to one person but alarming and repulsive to another.

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  • Scentos Scented Dough Tubs

    From: £ 1.00

    Tubs of Scentos fruit scented modelling dough. Scents include Green apple Strawberry Watermelon Blueberry Orange Banana Available individually or as a…

  • Smelly Smiley Face Scented Ball 20cm

    £ 2.00

    Scented, brightly coloured ball inflates to approx 20cm. Colours available: Cherry: Red Pink: Strawberry Blue: Blueberry Purple: Grape

  • Scentos Scented Rainbow Pen

    £ 3.00

    Scented ball point pen with ten retractable tips, each one with a different coloured and scented ink.

  • Scentos Scented Funny Face Markers 8 Pack

    £ 4.00

    Pack of eight Scentos markers in a variety of flavoured scents.