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Wellbeing and Inclusion in Special Education

Sensory Wise wellbeing inclusion and SEND training is for professionals who work with children and young people or adults with additional needs. Benefit from tailored packages based on your settings needs. The information and links provided on our website are a great starting point for anyone who is looking to learn more about sensory processing difficulties.  Sensory Wise training and development workshops are designed to extend your knowledge further and are essential to professional practice and for improving outcomes.
Sensory Wise Training and Development Aims To:
  • Enhance CPD for all levels of education within your team. Learn or revisit the important topic of child development and specific learning and physical disabilities.


  • Increase the confidence and competence of your staff in their ability to identify and support delays in development and special education needs and disability (SEND).


  • Support early intervention. We understand that action to address children’s needs is crucial to their future progress and transition through childhood into adult life.


  • Teach you practical strategies that can be easily incorporated into daily activities, without increasing your workload.
You can choose to have the Sensory Wise Pop-Up Shop at the end of the session.

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