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We’re inspired by children with special needs, their families and the work of occupational therapists.

Get to grips with the complex topic of Sensory Processing Difficulties and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) – a condition commonly experienced by many people in mainstream education and employment and, in particular, people on the Autistic Spectrum.

Shop for affordable and fun sensory toys and special needs toys, sports equipment and therapy resources. Our range of products is aimed at promoting inclusion, wellbeing, health and fitness through stimulating one or more of the senses.

Special Needs Toys and free resources

Sensory Wise gives you easy access to affordable special needs toys and free resources. We’re here to help you understand the benefits of sensory activity, what sensory processing is, and how important it is to our everyday lives, especially for learning and behaviour.

We hope you enjoy browsing our range of special needs toys and finding the information you need in our free resource hub!

CREATE YOUR PERFECT SENSORY SPACE! We design and install bespoke sensory spaces of all shapes and sizes - tailored to your exact requirements. From small corners to entire rooms, home gardens, school playgrounds, community parks and multi-use games areas (MUGA) with special needs toys. Why not take advantage of our FREE consultation and design service?


Browse our range of essential portable sensory toys and special needs toys, or take advantage of our learning resources.

Our products range from great value low-cost sensory toys and special needs toys to the latest gadgets and technology, including:

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  • SW07055_water_play_set_ASW07055_water_play_set_B

    Water Play Set

    £ 18.00

    Complete set of water play accessories.

  • SW07047_tuff_spot_tray_green

    Tuff Spot Tray

    £ 15.00

    Versatile shallow tray with literally hundreds of uses indoors and out from builders yards to classrooms and playgrounds. Available in…

  • Balance Cushion

    Balance Cushion

    £ 15.00

    Balance Cushion. Moulded cushion gives excellent grip. Sit, stand or kneel - will improve co-ordination, balance and posture. Diameter 32cm…

  • SW04037_infinity_mirror

    Infinity Mirror

    £ 15.00

    This portable Infinity Mirror creates the infinity illusion of a tunnel of lights. 6" dia.

  • Gymnic Therapy BallSW01034_Gymnic_Classic_Group

    Gymnic Therapy Ball

    From: £ 14.00

    Gymnic Therapy Ball. This classic line can be used for all applications in therapy, sports, gymnastics. aerobic lessons, etc. Also…

  • SW05013_chewigem_chubes_rainbow

    Chewable Chubes Rainbow

    £ 13.50

    Brightly coloured Chubes necklace for mild-moderate chewers. Can be worn as a necklace or threaded onto you hoody strings. Contents:…

  • On sale!SW07024_inkoos_mini_ASW07024_inkoos_mini_B

    Inkoos Mini

    £ 10.00 £ 7.00

    Inkoos Mini soft toy with marker pens. Teddies you can draw on. Great for fine motor skill practice and cuddles…

  • On sale!SW04008_colour_changing_egg_ASW04008_colour_changing_egg_B

    Colour Changing Egg 9cm

    £ 6.00 £ 5.10

    Free standing rubbery white egg that morphs through the colours of the rainbow. Has a calming soothing effect. Size 9cm

  • SW04033_liquid_timer_single_ASW04033_liquid_timer_single_B

    Liquid Timers Single

    £ 4.00

    Liquid Timer in a single chamber design. Liquid timers are a classic sensory toy and classroom resource known for their calming…

  • SW05001_scento_funny_face_markers_pk8

    Scentos Funny Face Markers 8 Pack

    £ 4.00

    Pack of eight Scentos markers in a variety of flavoured scents.

  • On sale!SW02013_tangle_ASW02013_tangle_B


    £ 4.50 £ 3.75

    Colourful twisty fiddly fidget. 18 curved jointed sections to twist and manipulate. A popular fidget toy for children and adults…

  • Colour Gymnastics Dance Ribbon Wands

    Colour Gymnastics Dance Ribbon Wands

    From: £ 2.25

    Colour Gymnastics Dance Ribbon Wands. Brightly coloured Gymnastics Ribbon Dance Wands. A traditional dance resource, great for encouraging gross motor skills…

  • Spikey Massage Therapy Hedgehog Ball

    Spikey Massage Therapy Hedgehog Ball

    From: £ 2.00

    Spikey Massage Therapy Hedgehog Ball. Spikey surfaced ball great for massage, sports, therapy and tactile play. Available in: 8cm Yellow…

  • Colour Magnetic Wandssw07006_colour_magnetic_wands_c

    Colour Magnetic Wands

    From: £ 2.00

    Colour Magnetic Wands - Magnetic wands in bright colours ideal for primary education. Ideal for use with our Magnetic Counting…

  • Rainbow Orbit Ball

    Rainbow Orbit Ball

    £ 2.00

    Rainbow Orbit Ball. Colourful bouncy ball constructed from a series of six tightly interlinked shapes.

  • Twist and Lock Blocks Fidget ToySW01023_twist_lock_blocks_B

    Twist and Lock Blocks Fidget Toy

    £ 1.50

    Twist and Lock Blocks Fidget Toy. Coloured wooden blocks are strung together with elastic.

  • SW02024_bendy_smiley_man_ASW02024_bendy_smiley_man_B

    Bendy Smiley Man

    £ 1.25

    Bendy fidget toy. 12cm smiley man.

  • SW02026_rainbow_slinky_A

    Rainbow Slinky

    £ 1.00

    Plastic coloured slinky springs



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  • Far better quality than anything from our usual sensory toy supplier

    Thank you so much for all the sensory things. My son really loves them and uses them in his dark den. Far better quality than anything from our usual sensory toy supplier. […]

    Louise Parent, London

  • We will definitely use Sensory Wise again

    Our fund raising department contacted Sensory Wise following the kind offer from another charity to purchase sensory equipment for us. We purchased the Crocodile Wall Panel and delivery was prompt with no […]

    Jackie Acorns Children's Hospice, Walsall

  • Products sold well and were received well by both staff and pupils

    Sensory Wise came to our Christmas fayre and their products sold well and were received well by both staff and pupils. (There was one product, flashing caterpillar, lovely toy but be wary […]

    Beverley Teacher, Elmwood School, Walsall

  • Good value for money and very helpful

    I’m a mom of a child who has autism. My daughter’s attention span was very limited. We found out that our daughter had sensory issues. We the decided to look for some […]

    Nicky Parent, Dudley


Sensory Wise are the very proud winners of the University of Wolverhampton Business Achievement Award 2015 – Graduate Startup of the Year! Having only been in business a few months, this was an incredible achievement.


We are extremely proud to support Special Olympics GB – Young Athletes Activity Programme 2016. A project funded by National Grid, Sensory Wise proudly supplied the sports equipment and branded kit bags.